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Feel free to send me an email (iwilson1@cogeco.ca) containing your name and telephone number, and answering the following ten questions. I will call you to discuss your situation. (Please note this is not hyperlinked to my direct confidential email so you will need to type this address into your email application.)

(A one or two word answer is fine, for example in your email just type 1. yes, July 1/09, yes; 2. no cause, in writing; 3. no; 4. no; 5. 15 yrs and 2 months; 6. 49 yrs; etc.)

1. Have you been terminated, if so when, and has the employer expressed this in writing?

2. Is the employer alleging ‘just cause’ or ‘no cause’ for the termination, and is this in writing?

3. Have you resigned verbally or in writing? (this is not necessarily fatal)

4. Are you a union member?

5. How long have you been employed? (# of years and months)

6. How old are you?

7. Are you a manager or a supervisor, and if so over how many people?

8. Does the employer have more than 75 employees in Ontario?

9. Is your total annual compensation including benefits (a) less than $30k (b) more than $30k but less than $70k (c) more than $70k or (d) more than $110k?

10. Do you have a possible Human Rights complaint, in that you appear to have been unfairly discriminated against with respect to a prohibited ground under the Ontario Human Rights Code (see www.hrto.ca)?

11. Do you have other significant or unique details to add?


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