Employment law in Ontario – Ian A. Wilson, Barrister & Solicitor, Peterborough


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Over the past 22 years practicing in the Peterborough area I’ve helped hundreds of employees obtain the severance and other compensation that is due to them, in most types of employment situations, including:

– termination with or without cause alleged by the employer;

– discrimination contrary to the Human Rights Code, including discrimination based on disability, age, sex, race, and reprisal;

– frustration of the employment contract by illness or injury (as of 2006 entitling employees to notice and severance under the Employment Standards Act);

– constructive termination, such as improper layoff, alteration of significant employment terms, harassment, and refusal to accommodate Human Rights Code requirements;

– employer refusal to pay overtime to managers, who do some work that is similar to staff they manage, at a premium rate after 44 hours as required by the Employment Standards Act;

– termination following an employee complaint about workplace safety, contrary to the Occupational Health and Safety Act;

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